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Release Notes

These release notes contain a summary of the major features released in the AveriSource Platform™. To obtain the greatest value from the AveriSource Platform, the AveriSource team recommends reading the full product documentation. The product documentation will help you understand the product user interface (UI) and associated terminology and therefore enhance your user experience with the AveriSource Platform. For any product questions, please reach out to AveriSource Customer Support at

2.1 Release Highlights

The AveriSource Platform 2.1 release features Active Directory integration as a new option for enterprises wanting to leverage their preferred authentication method. Leveraging this integration enables a seamless authentication so that users can access the AveriSource Platform securely through Windows Authentication.

The AveriSource Platform 2.1 now fully supports IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack, enabling our users to embrace the future of networking with expanded address space and enhanced connectivity. In addition, the AveriSource Platform 2.1 release includes various improvements to the user interface and language parsing capabilities.

2.0 Release Highlights

The AveriSource Platform 2.0 release features many new enhancements including a New User Experience for enterprises planning or accelerating their modernization strategy—on the mainframe or in the cloud. Visually engaging and highly interactive dashboards, alongside in-depth reporting and analytics, deliver an intelligent and guided user experience throughout all phases of the application modernization journey.

Now available in AveriSource Platform 2.0 is the release of AveriSource Transform™ — AI-powered legacy code transformation for mainframe and midrange systems. Accelerate the application rewrite by leveraging Al to transform legacy code, reduce technical debt and fast-track the modernization journey—on any platform. Leverage a low-code approach to deploy modern, structured and highly maintainable Java or C# code as a full-stack application or as microservices. AveriSource Transform generates all modern code, including the transformation of legacy green screens to Angular projects and up to 95% of what’s needed to take your modernized applications into production. Leverage popular code-assistant tools to complete the last mile of production readiness.

With AveriSource Transform, you will:

  • Achieve true portability and utilize generated code independently, free from library dependencies or vendor restrictions. Utilize AI modeling to transform COBOL and RPG code for deployment to any platform, including Docker containers, Red Hat® OpenShift®, Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes environments like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

  • Streamline development and testing using your IDE of choice. Generate test APIs and test data that is directly integrated into testing frameworks to improve code quality and test coverage. Leverage popular AI code assistant platforms like Amazon CodeWhisperer, GitHub Copilot or Google Duet AI to complete application transformation projects.

What’s New in 2.0?

Enhanced User Experience

The AveriSource Platform is now revamped with a completely new UI to be more user-friendly, as well as encourage users to leverage the platform more efficiently. Inputs from existing product users, as well as from product design consultants, were taken into consideration for the revamped UI. Online help is now introduced in areas with “Suggested Actions” and “Why are these necessary?” to provide context and ensure that even new users can understand the product features faster to reduce the learning curve.

Ability to Run AveriSource Analyze in Subsets

Users can now run AveriSource Analyze for selected Entry Points, eliminating wait time for the entire project to be completed. This feature was launched to ensure faster generation of AveriSource Analyze reports (like Business Rules) on selected Entry Points of interest.

AveriSource Scan Integration

AveriSource Scan, our free codebase assessment tool available in the AWS Marketplace and on our website, is now integrated into the full AveriSource Platform. While not mandatory, it is recommended that users run AveriSource Scan before building an Inventory for an application, to understand the characteristics of source code and assess risk factors much earlier in the modernization process. In AveriSource Platform 2.0, AveriSource Scan supports COBOL, RPG, JCL and Assembler for risk assessment and several other technologies for source statistics.

AveriSource Builder as a Windows Service

AveriSource Builder is now integrated in the AveriSource Platform and runs as a Windows Service.  This will help the users to run the AveriSource Builder unattended.

Data Dictionary Now Available in AveriSource Discover

The Data Dictionary is now part of AveriSource Discover. Previously available in AveriSource Analyze, this change was made to accelerate the creation and building of the Data Dictionary earlier in the modernization journey—for chosen Entry Points, Programs, and Data Structures of interest or for the entire application.

Improved Security via Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

AveriSource Platform 2.0 is now protected with 2FA to help monitor and safeguard valuable application insights stored within the solution.

Additional Updates in AveriSource Platform 2.0

  • An Organization Dashboard that offers a snapshot of all AveriSource projects, which provide a structured environment for users to process legacy source code and manage the analysis

  • Suggested Actions for each package to leverage the platform more efficiently

  • A Comments section for users to share their input, feedback, and questions with other users

  • The option to rebuild Inventory from the AveriSource Platform UI

  • The option to run AveriSource Analyze for selected Entry Points

  • The File Impact report is now removed from the AveriSource Platform as the information can be retrieved from the Connections report

  • File Compare and Block Compare reports are available as a single report

  • Variable Impact and File Impact reports are available as a single report

  • Improved navigation across AveriSource projects

To read more key highlights from the release of AveriSource Platform 2.0, view the related press release.

Learn More

Read the AveriSource Platform 2.0 press announcement for more detail on this product release.

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