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AveriSource Scan - Overview

Previously only available on the AveriSource website and the AWS Marketplace, AveriSource Scan is now included in AveriSource Platform™️ 2.0. Use AveriSource Scan to perform:

  • Comprehensive Source Code Analysis

    • Capture and document important statistics about the application, including size and technology mix.

  • Risk Assessment

    • Identify and assess multiple risk factors in the source code, providing guidance on severity and next steps.

  • Optimized Modernization Planning

    • Calculate the estimated number of hours required for manual modernization, allowing organizations to strategically select optimal candidates and tailor the most effective approach for each application.

It is highly recommended to start your modernization project with AveriSource Scan, however, it is not mandatory. Once AveriSource Scan is complete, or if skipped and will not be used, the next step in the modernization journey is AveriSource Inventory.

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