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Code Block & File Comparison

Code Block Comparison compares any two paragraphs or blocks of code—both within a program and across all programs. The paragraphs should be at least 10 lines long and 70% similar to be compared. The comparison results capture the block name (e.g., paragraph name), the file in which the para/code block is present, its language, lines of code in that block, and the directory in which the files are present. Users can click on View Code to view the two blocks of code and add their comments or inputs.

Code Block Comparison is a useful input to identify if there is any optimization opportunity in the application source. For example, a block of code repeated across many programs can be further analyzed to see if they can be remediated as a callable module which would improve the maintainability of the code. Likewise, the File Comparison report compares two files and identifies similarities and differences. Users can identify duplicate files (100% similar) and largely similar files (>70%) in this report. Duplicate files can be further analyzed to see if they can be removed from the inventory and largely similar files help cut down the analysis effort as the differences are reported as well.


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