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Unreferenced Files

Unreferenced Files are those that do not contain a triggering component. For example, a program that is not called from a JCL, a JCL PROC, or another program, will be captured as unreferenced. Likewise, a copybook not referred to within a program or another copybook will be captured as unreferenced. Like the Missing Files report, this report also helps establish the scope of an application to be analyzed further. Users can exclude the components that are unreferenced if it is an obsolete component, leave them as-is, or mark them for further review by a subject matter expert (SME).

  • Directory: Directory or folder in which the application source was available

  • File Name: Name of the received file

  • File Type: Based on the extension the file name had, this is classified under an appropriate file type, like CL, COBOL, or JCL.

  • Lines: The size of each file, measured in terms of lines of code is listed here.

  • Comments: Users can add any comments or notes they may have for one or more files that may be of relevance to other users


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