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The Clusters report graphically displays all Entry Points in the application. An Entry Point is a logical subset of an application. Functionally, it can be considered a business activity that is part of a larger business process. The AveriSource Platform™️ considers every batch job and transaction as an entry point. Unreferenced programs are also considered entry points as they don't have a triggering component.

In the Clusters view, each entry point is categorized by language (COBOL, JCL, etc.) and type (Batch, Online, etc.). The color of the entry point signifies the language, and the shape of the image indicates the type. If the type of an entry point cannot be determined as either batch or online, it is classified as Other.

Additionally, if the entry point is not part of the Process Identification, it is classified as an Orphan. The users can organize the clusters by the number of lines of code, the number of connections under the entry point, or the complexity of the entry point. The large rectangles in the diagram contain entry points grouped by shared resources.


Users can choose one or more Entry Points of interest to compare them based on size (lines of code), dependencies/connections they have, along with the complexity. In this scenario, the Entry Points that are not chosen are greyed out in the Clusters view. The Simplify Cluster View option can be leveraged to remove the greyed out Entry Points that were not included in the Clusters View.


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