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AveriSource Transform FAQ

  • Where does AveriSource Transform fit in the modernization journey?
    AveriSource Transform is used to generate modernized code from the legacy codebase.

  • How long will it take AveriSource Transform to generate code?
    Models of the legacy code can be generated in minutes, and it typically takes a few weeks to configure the code to be deployed.

  • How does AveriSource Transform use AI to modernize applications?
    AveriSource Transform uses AI techniques such as cluster analysis, pattern matching, templates, and programming language models to generate modernized code in a new target language.

  • Does AveriSource Transform’s generated code rely on libraries owned by AveriSource?
    The generated code produced by the AveriSource Transform is independent and does not depend on any specific JAR files or other libraries owned by AveriSource.

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