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AveriSource Transform - Overview

AveriSource Transform facilitates Accelerated Rewrite™ and modernizes legacy applications through model-driven transform development. AveriSource Transform provides capabilities to modernize data entities and Business Rules from legacy applications to modern frameworks (e.g., microservices, Spring Boot, .NET Core). AveriSource Transform leverages AI to generate models in ADL (AveriSource Domain Language) format based on legacy code and then uses those models to generate modern applications. 

ADL model generation through AveriSource Transform can be reviewed, modified, and configured through the editor provided in the AveriSource Platform™, and then transformed code can be generated through the AveriSource Platform. Transformed code can be downloaded as .zip files on the development environment as modern Java or C# application code.

The AveriSource Transform-generated Java or C# code output can be used with multiple development environments including Eclipse, Visual Studio, Apache NetBeans, and VS Code to better facilitate agile development and Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The generated code is agnostic, meaning there are no proprietary libraries needed for it to run.

By default, the AveriSource Transform dashboard lists suggested actions for users executing an Accelerated Rewrite.


The AveriSource Transform dashboard also provides a summary based on Al-powered, model-driven transformation data identified for the legacy applications and provides the status of Model Generation of Entry Points or Programs.


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