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AveriSource Discover FAQ

  • Where does AveriSource Discover fit in the modernization journey?
    AveriSource Discover provides in-depth insights into the legacy application’s architecture, data handling, and code interdependencies. Use this package to refine the codebase and determine modernization candidates.

  • How long will it take for AveriSource Discover to assess the code?
    Most projects of 1 million lines of code or less will take less than a day to analyze, however this depends on the specifications of the hardware on which AveriSource Discover is running. Larger projects or less powerful machines will take longer.

  • What is the next step after AveriSource Discover?
    Once the code is run through AveriSource Discover, it gives a good idea of the architecture of the codebase and potential candidates to modernize. If there is a need to dive further into the code details and business logic, using AveriSource Analyze may be appropriate.

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