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Security Considerations

In the deployment and operation of the AveriSource Platform™, security protocols and safeguards are extremely important. This section outlines key security considerations, including the secure installation process, license activation, troubleshooting procedures, and access controls, all aimed at ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data and the system environment. AveriSource Platform 2.1 fully supports IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack.

To initiate the AveriSource Platform installation process, an .exe file is securely uploaded to AveriSource's dedicated FTP server. Subsequently, AveriSource establishes a distinct password-protected account for each customer, ensuring a personalized and secure environment.

Once the .exe file is downloaded, the AveriSource Platform is installed on the server, prompting the generation of a license request file. Users are then required to transmit this file to AveriSource for license activation. AveriSource responds by furnishing a unique key, which users must import into the AveriSource Platform to complete the activation process. Admin access to the database server is required for the AveriSource Platform to create a dedicated database for the project, ensuring data integrity and security.

The AveriSource Platform allows users to be created locally, where the administration and user management is managed by an administrator of the AveriSource Platform. The AveriSource Platform 2.1 offers the option of using Windows Authentication via Active Directory credentials in addition to local user management.

An admin user can invite one or more users to the AveriSource platform. Users can be created at an organization level for access to all the projects or at a project level depending on requirements. Two types of users and multiple roles are supported and are assigned when setting up new users.

For effective troubleshooting, the AveriSource team may necessitate access to various log files, including those from the AveriSource Platform, Preparser logs, and more. Alternatively, users can share these log files with AveriSource to facilitate prompt issue resolution.

The AveriSource Platform generates comprehensive output reports accessible through a web application via a web browser over the intranet. Access to this web application is safeguarded by a combination of a username, password, and a 4-digit PIN, reinforcing the confidentiality and integrity of the information.

The AveriSource Platform installs the following to provide Transform capabilities:

·       Java JDK (v11.0.13)

·       Apache Maven (v3.8.2)

·       Node.js (v14.17.6-x64)

·       JHipster (v7.1.0)

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