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The AveriSource Platform™ offers five modernization packages that are incremental and modularly built on one another.

AveriSource Scan empowers organizations to quickly and accurately scope, budget, and plan for both maintaining and modernizing legacy applications.

AveriSource Inventory provides comprehensive knowledge about the legacy estate by detecting missing, unknown, and unused files to aid in accurate resource planning and project timeline predictions.

AveriSource Discover empowers companies to better understand their application's architecture to ensure informed project planning and modernization requirements.

AveriSource Analyze drills down to the granular levels of application code analysis to understand critical dependencies to extract and document business rules.

AveriSource Transform utilizes generative AI and information from Inventory, Discover, and Analyze, such as business rules and data entities, to create modern code, configuration files, and testing frameworks while reducing technical debt and accelerating manual efforts.

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