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There are many privileges a user with the Organization Administrator (Org Admin) level has when compared to a user (general). This section outlines the features in AveriSource Platform™️ that are available for an Org Admin user.

The Organization Dashboard

The Organization Dashboard is available for an administrator to see all of the projects created in a particular instance, along with how many of these projects are active versus how many are archived. The user can also create a new project from here by clicking on the Create Project button.


Creating a New User

An Org Admin can also manage the team of users who can access AveriSource projects. Click on Team to view the list of users with current access to various projects, their roles, and user types. An Org Admin can also invite a new user by clicking on the Invite New User button.


As of February 2024, there are 7 user roles and 2 user types that the Org Admin can select when inviting a new user. The current user roles are: Administrator, Business Analyst, Database Analyst, Developer, Architect, Quality Analyst, and Project Manager. The current user types are Org Admin and User.

Configuring Organization settings

An Org Admin can configure the project settings here, including the enablement of parallel mode, which improves resource utilization, updating the current license file with a new one, enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for users logging into the AveriSource Platform, and seting localization parameters like Language and Time Zone.


Building and Running AveriSource Packages

The Org Admin can also control the build of the five packages that comprise the AveriSource Platform: AveriSource Scan, AveriSource Inventory, AveriSource Discover, AveriSource Analyze, and AveriSource Transform. The Org Admin can also perform a Rebuild as necessary under these packages.

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